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The Small Community Water Infrastructure Exchange is pleased to introduce this new section on regionalization.  Regionalization is the collaboration between two or more water and/or wastewater systems for the mutual benefit to improve service for each system. Regionalization has many names and varying forms: partnership, shared resources, and consolidation are all examples of regionalization.

For a more detailed discussion of regionalization go to Wastewater regionalization and consolidation fact sheet and Drinking water regionalization, consolidation and unification fact sheet.

The State Resources area has both project descriptions as well as guidance and promotional materials.

The Other Resources area has tools to help address the challenges of bringing together two or more communities to implement regionalization to improve water and/or wastewater treatment systems.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one or more of the states listed at the e-mail addresses or phone numbers that are shown.

Your comments on this addition to the website will be appreciated.

Examples of regionalization in your state and reference of documents are most welcomed.

Please send a write-up with any attachments concerning your state or tools to Steve Grossman at scwiecoordinator@gmail.com

Please feel free to call Steve at 614-668-9597 with questions or comments.

Steve Grossman
SCWIE Coorinator