A Network of Water Funding Officials

Environmental Finance Center Network

Environmental Finance Center Network (EFCN) is a unique program of university-based technical assistance Centers that provide environmental finance outreach services to the regulated community.  These Centers are designed to create innovative solutions to help manage the cost of environmental protection covering a wide array of environmental concerns, including water-related issues.  Among these water-related issues are:  financing issues for water quality, quantity, erosion control, preservation, and infrastructure.  To help solve these issues, the EFCN works with both the public and private sectors to promote a sustainable environment.

Most of the EFCN work related to small drinking water systems is done through an EPA-funded project called the Smart Management for Small Water Systems.  Apart from technical assistance to specific small systems and workshops in eash state and territory, this project involves a table listing the main public sources of drinking water financing programs for each state and territory.  These individual state/territory tables can be found here.